Season 4 Case 12

History: trauma. MVA.

Season 4 Case 12

Case 12

History: trauma. MVA. (trauma service comes right over from the scanner)



This is kind of a difficult thing to show and the motion doesn’t help. But it looks like a lot of folks caught on to what I was trying to show - the aorta. I bet the coronals will help. Check out that proximal medial wall of the descending aorta (ie the most common site of injury)

How about the angio:

Yep. Traumatic aortic injury - ie traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the aorta (or as I find more anxiety inducing: contained aortic rupture)

Examine this site on everyone! As you can see in the angio, they placed a graft and the patient was doing well last I checked.

There is a ton of information out there about traumatic aortic injury and has evolved over the past few years.