Season 9 Case 2

Season 9 Jan 31, 2021

History: fall, pain

Do you know my name?



Answer: Barton Fracture

Distal radial fx but only involves dorsal aspect of the distal radius (volar aspect is intact). Radial styloid ok on oblique?

Barton fx = shear fx of dorsal distal radius

Shear off volar aspect = reverse Barton fx

This fx is not too displaced, but as the fx fragment displaces more, the carpal bones often dislocate with it. If we cone in tightly we can see the scaphoid/lunate are starting to migrate with the dorsal fragment

W/o proper trt, this can cause long term wrist pain/instability


I know eponyms are falling out of style. So why teach them?

Pathology is often named bc it is common or important.  I don’t care if you can spit out the name, but IMHO, by educating you about the name it should reinforce either it’s prevalence or it’s clinical significance



Professor of the Darkroom Arts

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