Season 4 Case 33

History: pelvic pain

Season 4 Case 33

Case 33

History: pelvic pain. 

Normal or abnormal and why?



Answer: This is a NORMAL pregnancy. Although it is not common seen or mentioned, if you go WAY back to fetal development, the amnion is the wall of the amniotic sac that surrounds the embryo. The yolk sac is actually located outside of the amniotic sac but inside the chorion (which is what attaches to the endometrial lining). The amnion and chorion normally fuse but that isn’t until ~14weeks gestation (ie about the same time the yolk sac disappears). So given the appearance of this embryo/fetus (fetus when after 8 weeks EGA), this has to be less than 14 weeks and thus this is a normal appearance (albeit not commonly seen).

So where is a subchorionic hemorrhage? Outside the chorion (ie below it in relation to the fetus). There is no subchorionic hemorrhage here.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit.