Season 6 Case 27

msk Mar 20, 2018

Case 27

History: 20 yo with right hip pain



Case 27 Answer

Same hip here.

This one is a bit more advanced. Notice the shape of the femoral head or more specifically the femoral head/neck junction. It has a bulge/excrescence out laterally. This is what we see with a so called CAM deformity or pistol-grip deformity ( associated with Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).

With extreme flexion, the bump can hit the acetabular lip tearing the acetabular labrum (so called CAM-type FAI).

This contrasts to a prominent spur off the acetabulum which “pinches” the labrum with a similar result (pincer-type FAI).

Ortho simple write-up:–conditions/femoroacetabular-impingement

Radiology write-up:



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